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Tire-Derived Fuel

EcoShred is powering America with high-quality fuels derived from recycled materials. Read on to learn the details about Tire-Derived Fuel.

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Fueling Scrap Tire Recycling Initiatives

Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF) comes from shredded tires cut into chunks 3 to 12 inches long. TDF supplements traditional combustible materials such as coal or wood. An EPA test program concluded that, with the exception of zinc emissions, potential emissions from TDF are not expected to be very much different from conventional fossil fuels. Combustion must occur in a well-designed, well-operated, and well-maintained combustion device for this to happen.

How We Make TDF


First, we sort and select only the highest quality primary materials, so the final recycled product will meet the high standards of our customers.


Next, a special machine removes any metal cord or bead wire in the tires. This ensures the purity of the TDF recycled product.


Next, our shredding machine acts like an industrial-strength paper shredder — only it works on whole tires! It processes recycled tires into specifically-sized pieces of shredded rubber for use as TDF.

Saves on Natural

TDF produces the same amount of energy as oil, 25% more energy than coal, and 50% more than wood. This means you don’t have to extract more petroleum or coal from the ground, nor do you need to chop down more trees, to achieve the same thermal benefits as TDF.

Reduces Carbon

EcoShred products reduce the carbon footprint of your business by creating fuels that burn cleaner. The scrap tire industry puts more than 2.6 million tons of rubber into TDF production per year. This keeps 2.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and saves 813 million gallons of oil annually.    

Questions? Ask EcoShred

Whether you want to source top-quality Tire-Derived Aggregate or you want to sell bulk scrap tires to a green processing company, EcoShred is your one-stop-shop. We make every detail simple, so it’s always easy to do the right thing the right way. Contact our team today.