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ecoSHRED makes it easy for you to dispose of your used scrap tires while protecting the environment for your community. Learn all the details below.

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Contribute Your Scrap Tires to the Green Economy

If your business wants to dispose of scrap tires in an affordable and eco-friendly way, EcoShred is your first choice. We take old tires and recycle them into valuable products for cities, towns, schools, parks, and businesses all across America.

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Partnership for the Planet

EcoShred is proud to partner with many forward-thinking businesses who want to put their scrap tires to good use. Whether you are a major merchandiser with thousands of freight trucks on the road, or you are a regional tire replacement and auto repair company with stacks and stacks of scrap tires, EcoShred is your trusted partner in the eco-industry.

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It Pays to do the Right Thing

EcoShred makes it easy and affordable to dispose of scrap tires the right way, on your schedule. You can drop off a truckload of tires at our facility, or we can leave a freight trailer at your location and pick it up at a later date when it’s full. Easy. Affordable. On your schedule.

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Click any of the links below to view our current permits for scrap tire disposal.






We're Ready to Roll

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to roll. Sustainability makes sense, and it can make dollars, too. Contact us about how you can achieve sustainability goals, leverage excellent PR, and reduce operational costs through a partnership with EcoShred and Prime Green.