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Crumb Rubber

EcoShred takes scrap material and recycles it into valuable products used by schools, cities, parks, and private businesses. Discover the benefits of Crumb Rubber.

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High Quality Crumb Rubber From EcoShred

Crumb Rubber is an exceptional product that can be used for many purposes by businesses, parks, sports facilities, and local and state governments. Want to use advanced materials that are so eco-friendly you can claim a tax deduction? You want EcoShred.

Applications for Crumb Rubber

There are endless applications for high-quality Crumb Rubber from EcoShred. From speed bumps to porous pavement, from bike paths to baseball fields, our Crumb Rubber is in the mix. Have you ever watched a slow-motion replay of an NFL wide receiver dragging his toe during a touchdown catch? Those rubber beads that spray up might just be EcoShred Crumb Rubber!

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Turf Infill Certification

Certified & safe

ecoSHRED was tested & approved as safe by LABOSPORT for size, shape, and toxicoligical analysis.  You can trust ecoSHRED for your artificial turf infill!  To learn more, please contact us!

Quality Products, Protecting the Environment

Whether you are building a new playground for an elementary school or you are manufacturing consumer products using recycled materials, quality Crumb Rubber from EcoShred is your first choice. With our wide-ranging suite of recycled materials, available in many colors and sizes, you can create valuable products while protecting the environment in your community.

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EcoShred has answers

If you’ve got questions about Crumb Rubber, EcoShred has the answers you need. Our sustainable materials make it easy to create quality products, protect the environment, and generate excellent PR for your firm. Contact our team to begin your partnership with EcoShred and Prime Green.