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Tire-Derived Aggregate

Tire-Derived Aggregate is a safe, efficient, cost-effective recycled material for use in many applications. Learn all the details below. 

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Recycled Products for Parks, Towns, and Businesses

At EcoShred, we are dedicated to our mission of using recycled materials to create valuable products for communities all across America. Tire-Derived Aggregate is a prime example. Businesses, cities, towns, and civil engineers use TDA in the construction of embankments, retaining walls, parking lots, playgrounds, roads, park trails, railroad tracks, and more.

Protecting the Environment in Your Community

EcoShred keeps tires out of landfills and reduces the need for petroleum extraction on American lands. We are laser-focused on operational efficiency, and that means we get every ounce of value from the recycled tire materials we use. When we all work together to make the most out of every material, the result is safer and healthier American communities.

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Our Production Process


TDA begins with our process of selecting only quality primary materials, so the final product is appropriate for all TDA applications.


Next, we use a purpose-built machine to rip out and magnetize any metal materials in the tires. 


Finally, our massive two-shaft tire shredder is used to tear the tires down to 3”-12” shreds ideal for many applications.

We have complete capabilities for producing Tire-Derived Aggregate
processed to specification for your application.

Contact us if you have specific requirements for TDA.

Questions? Ask EcoShred

Whether you want to source top-quality Tire-Derived Aggregate or you want to sell bulk scrap tires to a green processing company, EcoShred is your one-stop-shop. We make every detail simple, so it’s always easy to do the right thing the right way. Contact our team today.