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Our Process

At Ecoshred, we are dedicated to using modern tools and techniques to turn scrap materials into valuable recycled products that benefit schools, businesses, cities, and communities.
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From Scrap Tires to
Quality Products

Whether you are a national tire replacement company looking for eco-friendly scrap tire disposal, or you are a local landscaping contractor looking for quality eco-friendly mulch, EcoShred is your one-stop-shop. We make it easy and affordable to do the right thing for your business and your community. Learn how we do it here!

Inbound Tire Material

Quality recycled products from EcoShred begin with scrap tires sourced from businesses large and small all across America. We provide convenient and affordable scrap tire disposal, with simple processes that make it as easy as possible for businesses to do the right thing for their community and their budget.

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Advanced Scrap Tire Recycling

EcoShred operates a cutting-edge facility, with advanced high-volume machines that can process up to 10 tons of tires an hour! We have exceptional capabilities for fine-tuning the final product, resulting in a variety of high-quality consumer products made to exacting specifications. If you are in the market for the best tire-derived aggregate, mulch, crumb, or powder, EcoShred is your first choice.

Quality Products

Questions? Ask EcoShred

If you have questions about the process at EcoShred, we have the answers you need. Whether you want quality recycled products or you want affordable tire disposal services, EcoShred is your one-stop-shop. Reach out to our team to get started today!