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At EcoShred, we are dedicated to turning recycled materials into valuable products, and our Powder embodies this goal. Learn the details below.

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Powder Products

Powder is a valuable material produced during the scrap tire recycling process. It is an extremely fine-grain rubber powder with sizes ranging from 20 mesh (0.0331 inches) all the way down to 400 mesh (0.0015 inches).

The Value of Quality Recycled Materials

At EcoShred, we produce a high-quality Powder product that is free of foreign particulate materials such as metal and fiber. That means you can reliably utilize this product for many products and purposes. When it comes to turning old scrap tires into high-margin profitability, EcoShred is where the rubber meets the road.

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One Recycled Product, Endless Green Applications

Fueling American Industry With Recycled Materials

EcoShred is your first choice for high-quality recycled materials that you can rely on. Our materials can be used in hundreds of applications to drive revenue for your business. Ready to begin your partnership with EcoShred and Prime Green? Contact our team today.