Recycling Scrap Tires into
Quality Products

Our Process

EcoShred uses advanced processing techniques to make the most out of recycled tire materials

First, whole tires are reduced to manageable shreds that can then be processed for metal extraction.  Next, the remaining clean rubber is sized specifically for various applications and industrial uses. Thus giving new life to an otherwise scrap tire that would have been destined for a landfill and instead creating valuable products that can be utilized by businesses, nonprofits, schools, and municipalities.


Why ecoShred?

EcoShred aims to keep more tires out of landfills. Around 290 million tires are scrapped each year, with more than 80% reused or recycled. Nearly two-thirds of recycled tires become TDF. Prime Green’s EcoShred initiative wants to increase the viability of scrap tires while helping your business achieve its sustainability goals. When the Earth wins, we all win. Join us on the journey to a greener transportation industry.

prime inc truck with blue cab

Green Transportation with ecoShred

EcoShred keeps more rubber and tire waste out of landfills by breaking down scrap tires into useful, valuable materials. Our machines turn tires into large aggregate, mulch, crumb, or powder using four different stages. We provide these products to companies, municipalities, and firms that need them.